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Photo Challenge: Ephemeral

I’m officially on spring break! It was much needed and hopefully it isn’t ephemeral (see what I did there?!). So obviously, the latest photo challenge from The Daily Post is “Ephemeral”, which means lasting for a very short time. Some of the most beautiful photographs are ones that capture something that happens so quickly that you think you or the photographer was so lucky to catch that at just the right moment.

This is another one of those photo challenges where it’s really helpful if you already have a photo in your archives because it’s not something you can really look for or force. I thought about pictures I’ve taken in the past that might fit this theme and I remembered that the last time I was in Hawaii, last summer, one of my goals was to get a great sunset picture. If you’ve ever actually sat down to observe a sunset, you’ll have noticed that it takes a long time for the sun to get to just the right point for the “sunset” and then it happens so quickly. Seriously, so quick. Like if you weren’t ready, you’d miss it. It feels like you’re sitting around waiting for forever and wondering “when is this sun going to set already?” and then it starts going down so fast, you hardly have any time to get a couple pictures in before you’re covered in darkness. I remember thinking to myself that I’ve heard of people describing the sun as sinking into the ocean before and it really looks like that. It’s absolutely amazing to actually witness the sun sinking down before your eyes.

This photo was taken in August 2014 in Waikoloa, Hawaii just before the sun officially set. I love the way the rays of the last bit of sunshine for the day are scattered across the ocean washing all the way up to the shore.

I leave tomorrow for my vacation and can’t wait to see what the newest photo challenge will be. I’ll try my best to be able to complete it from my vacation locale!

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