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Weekend Stroll

Monday again. I hope you all had a great weekend! I had to hit the ground running my first week back to work after vacation because there was just so much to do and deadlines to meet! I had some work to do over the weekend, but I still got some relaxation in there so I can’t complain too much.

It was beautiful weather here and I did get to take advantage of it on Saturday. I had a few different plans for Saturday which for various reasons all did not work out! But, I did get some Starbucks with my friend and we decided to take our drinks to a large park in the area so we could walk in the delightful weather while chatting and coffee-ing.

Here’s what I wore (I put this on before I knew my plans would involve walking around in the park for 2 hours)

Top: Xhiliration via Target
Jeans: Express


Shoes: Keds via DSW

What I love about this elbow length sweater is that the lace front piece is not stitched down on the bottom so it allows movement and actually has a frayed hem.



It was a beautifully, sunny day. The good weather gave me the feeling that good things are on the way! Walking around the park was a great chance to bask in the sunlight.

Other than my walk and lesson planning this weekend, I’ve been rereading The Kite Runner because I’m teaching it to my seniors. I haven’t read it in years so I forgot a lot of the details and I remembered immediately how emotional it is. That coupled with this week’s “Outlander” episode, which had major things happen in the storyline had me on an emotional rollercoaster of fictional heartbreak and goodness respectively. I hope you all have a good start to the week!

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