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Create Your Own Sunshine

I hope you all had a great weekend. Mine flew by too quickly as usual. I’ve been enjoying giving little recaps of my weekend these past two Mondays so I thought I’d continue with it today with a little addition – a quote.

My weekend was pretty low key, which is always nice because I get to slow down and relax a bit (minus those pesky lesson plans I always seem to put off until Sunday evenings). I went out Friday night and shared my OOTN here. So what prompted this particular quote? Even though my weekend was fine, I feel like sometimes we – or I – feel stuck and even the tiniest things that don’t work out can seem like the universe is just against us. This is the second or third, I’m starting to lose count, weekend that things haven’t gone as planned. So on days like that, I think it’s important to remember sometimes you just have to create your own sunshine or your own happiness. Plans didn’t work out? Go do something else that will make you happy! So when my plans for Saturday fell through, I decided instead of just staying home and being bored aka procrastinating lesson plan writing, I would go to the mall because I had wanted to check out the H&M summer offerings.

Pants: Uniqlo
Shoes: Skechers
Purse: Coach

I love this top. The color, the material, the cut – it’s seriously the best. It’s loose with henley style buttons and a drawstring hem. Great for a casual yet stylish day out. This top, with my jeggings, Skecher flats, some light makeup, sunglasses, and my hair up was the perfect look for my solo day out.



I had a nice afternoon by myself doing some light shopping, enjoying the sunshine, and my Starbucks. I think I succeeded in creating my own sunshine!

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