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Comeback Trend: Sleeveless Cardigan

I regularly go through my clothes and pick out things to add to my donation pile. These are usually items that don’t fit anymore or that I don’t wear anymore. There are always some items that I have trouble parting with though, as I’m sure some of you can relate to. Even though I may not have worn an item for a long time, part of me just can’t let it go. And I’m not talking about those pieces we hold onto for sentimental reasons –  I’m talking about those items that we go “But I might wear it again.”

That was the case with this sleeveless cardigan. I got it years ago and wore it a handful of times only. My hands would pass over it in my closet and I would go back and forth with whether to get rid of it or not. Luckily, I didn’t because the sleeveless cardigan trend is back!



Sleeveless Cardigan: Gap
Tank Top: Calvin Klein
Denim Shorts: LC Lauren Conrad via Kohls

I knew I was right to not get rid of this cardigan because I did indeed wear it again!

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