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Romper to the Rescue

People love rompers. I love rompers. But aside from the fact that they are usually super cute looking, I have a style secret to share with you. Rompers are the best thing ever for when you want to look really put together and that you put some effort into your look when you really didn’t do much at all. Seriously, think about it. Most of the time when someone wears a romper they get compliments about how nice they look and really it probably took the person a couple of seconds to step into this one piece.

Earlier this week, I wore this romper out to dinner. I find it really cute and my friend complimented me on how nice I looked just to meet her for dinner. In reality, I wore it because it was something quick to put on and is comfy and stretchy so I could eat and eat and eat.



Romper: H&M
Sandals: Mia via DSW

So there’s my style tip of the day for you! Rompers will always make you look like you put in a lot more than you did!

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