Flowy Layered Tank

Although I’ve been back to work for a week now, the students don’t come in for their first day of school until Tuesday. That means I was able to dress down which is always nice especially when you’re going to be sitting around in meetings and professional development workshops for 8 hours a day. On one of the days I wore jeans and a floral, flowy layered tank.



Jeans: Express
Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs

I love the salmon-y pink layer that peeks through on the bottom and how it plays off the flower print on the outer layer. The loose, billowy structure of the top was also a welcome outfit for me to hide my food baby I’ve been harboring after eating a bagel at every breakfast provided at work this week. In just a few days I’ll be back to including work ootd’s in my posts! So bittersweet. Excited to share some fall and winter work wear, but sad for the summer to be coming to an end. At least we have some warm weather still ahead of us so it won’t feel like such an abrupt change!

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