Brooklyn Brownstone Style

Brooklyn Brownstone Style


I thought it was time for another home decor post and while the items I used in my home decor are totally down to earth and do-able for the average person, in my opinion at least, the venue is definitely not.
Back in the fall, Polyvore, had a Brooklyn Brownstone Style contest so I put this set together. I love L-shaped couches, they are so comfortable and perfect for cozying up on for movie watching! I also threw in a turquoise pom-pom throw because it goes so well against the grey couch and I’m the type of person who needs a blanket on the couch to curl up under. Some last touches for this family room is a standing lamp and on the coffee table – a vase of fresh cut flowers, a candle, and some coffee table books.
For the bedroom, I think an exposed brick wall and chandelier is quintessentially Brooklyn – a great combination of chic, trendy, homey, and artsy.
I love this set I put together and the little glimpse of what my Brooklyn brownstone would look like inside. It is just a dream though, because there is no way I could ever afford it! I always knew brownstones were expensive and with the growing fondness for Brooklyn I knew the prices were really rising. But, a quick search on the web this morning for the average price of a Brooklyn brownstone showed me that it would cost (on average) $2.2 million!!! Yeah so….I guess I’ll go back to creating virtual home decor sets!

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