Pavé Link Bracelet
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Pavé Link Bracelet

Happy Thursday! The weekend seems so close yet so far. This week’s been busy and a bit rough on my stress levels so to lift my spirits I’m talking about something pretty and sparkly today.

Back in the fall I wrote about a Kate Spade wristlet I thought I had missed out on and then was able to find months later for 50% off. Similar story again with this bracelet. Last year, I saw this pavé link bracelet at the JCrew Factory Store, but didn’t buy it. Of course, I immediately began kicking myself for it upon leaving the store. Every once in a while I would see a photo online of the bracelet or something similar and I would be reminded of my lack of said bracelet. But then, I was out the outlets and the bracelet was there in all it’s gloriousness! I was shocked as it had been close to a year since I first saw it and we all know how short the shelf life of most items in retails stores can be. Not only was it still available, but it was on sale! I don’t remember now how much the discount was, but there was one and believe me I did not hesitate to grab one off the jewelry stand.

Pavé Link Bracelet 6

Pavé Link Bracelet 2
Pavé Link Bracelet 3
Pavé Link Bracelet 4
Pavé Link Bracelet 5
Pavé Link Bracelet
Pavé Link Bracelet 1

Cardigan: Chadwicks | Top: LOFT | Bracelet: JCrew Factory

This pavé link bracelet is so fun and sparkly. It’s the perfect size for me not just in terms of links but also in general. It can be difficult for me at times to find bracelets that fit me properly as I have tiny wrists. This bracelet has a classic lobster claw closure and is adjustable so it fits me perfectly. Back to the size of the links though – the links are just right in size. They’re large enough to look like proper links and not too large that they’re ostentatious or in your face.

So happy that I finally got my hands on this bracelet and that I got it on sale!

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