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If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen me repost photos from Mieroglyphs. Mieroglyphs is an amazing and inspiring brand that sells key loops and most notably bracelets. All of the products are designed and handcrafted in house. The fabrics are sourced from all over the world and are supported by a naturally sustainable cork backing. The fabrics used for their products are all beautiful and the best part about these bracelets? Each one has an inscription inside with a thought provoking or inspirational saying. You also have the option of ordering a bracelet with a custom inscription.

The one I ordered is called “Zoral” and features a blue/green/yellow fabric with the inscription,

Replace fear of the unknown with curiosity

It doesn’t look like this particular bracelet is available on the website at the moment, but that’s something that is great about Mieroglyphs. Because they are all handcrafted and the fabric comes from all around the world, they are constantly updating their inventory and you won’t be getting something that is super mass produced.

Mieroglyph - Zoral BraceletMieroglyph - Zoral Bracelet 2Mieroglyph - Zoral Bracelet 1Mieroglyph - Zoral Bracelet 3Mieroglyph - Zoral Bracelet 4Mieroglyph - Zoral Bracelet 5Mieroglyph - Zoral Bracelet 6Mieroglyph - Zoral Bracelet 7Mieroglyph - Zoral Bracelet 8
Top: Macy’s | Bracelet: Mieroglyphs

The bracelet is very comfortable to wear and easily opens and closes with a magnetic closure. The bracelets also come in various sizes so you don’t have to worry about your wrist size – perfect for me!

I love the look of these bracelets and the whole idea behind them and the brand. Their goal is to motivate people. I especially like their reasoning for placing the quotes inside the bracelets, “We engrave the inscriptions on the inside simply because they’re your words and not necessarily for the worlds eyes to see. As our tagline says…”It’s what’s inside that counts.”” 

I chose my bracelet partly because I loved the color combination and partly because I really liked the quote. This year, for me, is about facing any fears or challenges I come across head on as well as moving out of my comfort zone and taking more risks (or at least trying to – it’s almost the end of February and I feel like I haven’t done all the things I said I’d do!). So the idea of replacing the unknown with curiosity is definitely appealing to me.

If you’re interested in buying your very own bracelet or maybe a key loop – and don’t worry, the key loops have sayings inside too so you won’t be missing out! – don’t forget to use my code LAJBlog for free worldwide shipping!

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