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Shopping My Closet: Culottes

You know how there are those items in your closet that you just can’t seem to part with? The ones you don’t put in the donation pile because maybe one day you’ll wear it again? I’ve had these culottes for probably 10 years. I used to wear them a lot back 10 years ago and then they kept getting pushed deeper and deeper into my closet hidden behind skirts and pants I would wear more often. Then, last year culottes came back onto the style scene but still I didn’t break them out. Until now that is. I wanted to wear this dusty purple lace topped top to my birthday dinner with my family, but I couldn’t decide what pants to wear. I debated wearing my old standby – skinny jeans – but it was mid-August and jeans just seemed incredibly unappealing. Lightbulb moment! I thought my old black culottes could be the perfect bottoms for this top.

Lace Topped Blouse & Culottes 1
Lace Topped Blouse & Culottes
Lace Topped Blouse & Culottes 2
Lace Topped Blouse
Lace Topped Blouse & Culottes 3
Lace Topped Blouse & Culottes  4

Top: H&M | Culottes: Kohl’s | Ring: Old Navy | Sandals: LOFT

I got this lace topped top from an H&M outlet store for less than $10 if I remember correctly. It’s pretty good quality for the price! It was just long enough to be able to tuck in nicely to my culottes. My leaf ring is from Old Navy and I’m so happy I picked up this piece on my way to the register. It’s so dainty but fun with the leaf design!

Anybody else here have culottes still from years ago?

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