Southwest Inspired Print Romper

I wish I knew what exactly this print is called – it’s so much easier when I do online shopping and I can consult my order confirmation in my email for what the store/brand has named the item. But, I picked up this romper at Target and all I know is it gives me southwest type vibes.

This romper is so comfortable because it’s a little loose fitting and is made from that super soft cotton material. It has a drapey structure to it as well so it’s ideal for a day when you’re going to be eating a lot. I wore this to my friend’s baby shower, which was a casual affair. It was the perfect outfit for the day.


I think the mix of the print and color scheme is what makes me think of the southwest. It has that brown/orange combo that makes me think of the dessert, but also has some of that turquoise color which of course is also a very southwest color. As I said above, the romper is so comfortable and the drapey structure plus the shorts that are pleat-like lend to a laid-back relaxed style. Bonus points go to the pockets on this romper and the woven straps that give this romper a little more personality!


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