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Pink & Chartreuse

Chartreuse is my favorite color this season. I don’t recall wearing it before and now this year I’ve gotten a few tops and sweaters in the shade. I’ve definitely been seeing it more often and what can I say, I’ve been drawn to it. I think the first time I even heard of chartreuse was when I was in high school years ago. I had seen the color before, but don’t think I had ever heard the name. When I was in school I took french and a few times a year my high school french teacher arranged for a few of us to visit the elementary schools in town and teach the kids some french to expose them to the language and maybe make them interested in taking up the language once they reached middle school. We thought we were so cool because we got to leave school early and drive over to the elementary schools. We would visit some little kids and teach them some basic words and maybe how to say numbers 1-10 in french. Piece of cake. Then some kids started asking my friend and I how to say different colors in french. Most colors are easy enough since usually kids ask the basic colors like white, black, blue, red, green etc. Then, one kid just had to ask how to say chartreuse in french. It probably is the same word since chartreuse sounds like a french word already, but I remember thinking “really???”. When we told the kids we didn’t know, the next color they asked about was puce….


Cardigan: Express | Top: LOFT | Pants: Express | Watch: Michael Kors | Shoes: Rockport

This chartreuse sleeveless top features a pink and white leaf print. I decided to wear this top with a bright pink long cardigan to pick up on the pink in the leaf print. The bright pink actually paired really well with the mellow color of the chartreuse. Both went nicely with my brown pants and flats.

What do you think of chartreuse?

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