Snowflakes On My…Elbows

“Snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes…” and elbows apparently! This famous song from The Sound of Music popped into my head when I wore this red sweater with snowflake elbow patches.


This ASOS sweater with side vents and white snowflake elbow patches is so cozy and casual. By all accounts, until you look at the elbows, this looks like a plain red sweater. The elbow patches are such a cute detail! I know there are people who are huge fans of elbow patches. Interestingly enough, I only have one other sweater with elbow patches (a cardigan) and that one’s elbow patches are hearts. I wrote about it here. Apparently, the only elbow patches I’m drawn to are the fun shaped ones! Anyway, I love this sweater. It’s  so fun and an easy winter look.

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