Rainbow Breezy Pullover

Rainbow Breezy Pullover

It’s Monday morning and that’s tough for most of us with the work week starting up again. So let me brighten your mornings just a little bit with this rainbow breezy pullover! This short, open knit pullover has front pockets for aesthetics and has the cutest knit design. It is perfect for a cool, spring day by providing just a bit of warmth, but since it is open knit it is quite lightweight and all things considered not that warm. I could wear it with a tank top underneath, but on this particular day last month it was a little chilly so I wore a pink long sleeve tee underneath.

Rainbow Breezy Pullover 7
Rainbow Breezy Pullover 6
Rainbow Breezy Pullover 5
Rainbow Breezy Pullover 4
Rainbow Breezy Pullover 3
Rainbow Breezy Pullover 2
Rainbow Breezy Pullover 1
Rainbow Breezy Pullover

I love how bright and happy this Aerie pullover is. It’s so lightweight that it would be perfect for even summer nights by the water when it gets chilly. This is going to sound weird, but the color combination makes me think of the cereal, Fruity Pebbles. Is it just me? Anyway, I love this pullover and it puts me in the perfect spring mood!

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