Dark Floral Shirt Dress

Dark Floral Shirt Dress

I bought this dress on a whim from Old Navy and when I wore it to work a few weeks ago it was a huge hit. Honestly, I was surprised it was such a hit! I mean, I’m a fan of florals and shirt dresses and obviously I liked this dress enough to buy it, but I was definitely not expecting as much positive feedback as I received. Multiple students told me they loved my dress as well as a bunch of my coworkers. At one point later on in the day one of my coworkers saw me (she hadn’t seen me all day) and said “Oh so this is the infamous dress!”

Dark Floral Shirt Dress
Dark Floral Shirt Dress 1
Dark Floral Shirt Dress 2
Dark Floral Shirt Dress 3
Dark Floral Shirt Dress 4
Dark Floral Shirt Dress 5
Dark Floral Shirt Dress 6
Dark Floral Shirt Dress 7
Dark Floral Shirt Dress 8

Dress: Old Navy | Shoes: Chinese Laundry via DSW | Watch: Fossil | Earrings: Target

This black shirt dress with floral print is comfortable, loose, and flowy. I wore a tank top underneath because the split neck was lower than I had originally thought. This dress could easily be worn in the winter with tights but since we’re in spring now I wore it bare legged with ankle strap wedges. Now if only the weather could make up its mind! It’s been rainy and cold here this week and next week it’s supposed to be pretty hot. I just want nice weather – I mean it’s June!

I considered belting this dress at the waist, but I decided against it and went for the flowy look instead. Overall, I really like this dark floral shirt dress and it was nice to get so many compliments when I wore it!


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