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Twist Back Top

3 days left til my summer break starts! How was your weekend? My weekend was really busy. Saturday I had my school’s graduation that I mc’d and then straight over to my best friend’s house to help her finish getting ready for her kids’ joint birthday party and then said party til late. Yesterday was a bunch of shopping for the new townhouse. I didn’t get to go to as many places as I had planned but after Costco and Bed, Bath, & Beyond I was just done. It was exhausting! But luckily I’ll be on break soon so I’ll have more time to get everything I absolutely need and then take my time finding things I really like for the things I don’t need right away.

But on to today’s post. I’m sure you’ve all seen those chunky sweaters with the twisted back that every blogger seemed to be wearing back in that transition time between winter and spring. I really love that look but didn’t end up getting one. I did, however, get this lightweight long sleeve shirt with a twisted back. Same twisted back style but a long-sleeve tee instead of a chunky knit.

I wore this top, jeans, and embellished mules for an easy look out to dinner last weekend.

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Top: Nordstrom Rack | Jeans: Kohl’s | Shoes: Express

The back drapes really nicely and for the most part it’s perfect to wear with a normal bra. I did have to adjust it once or twice to make sure the strap was hidden, but it wasn’t a big deal or a difficult thing to do. The top was really comfortable to wear and the perfect weight for the mild weather.

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