BAM Update 2

I’m back with my 2nd update for the BAM (Body & Mind) program in the Sweat App. I’m still loving the yoga based exercise program in the app. I’m taking a different approach to this update post today though. Instead of just talking about the different exercises and what I find easy and/or challenging, I want to talk about how this past month or so has made me think more about listening to my body (and mind ha).

One of the reasons I stopped doing BBG was because I was just burnt out. I did it unfailingly for months and I did love it. It pushed me and gave me a set fitness route every day. But I also put a lot of pressure on myself to never miss a work out and for a majority of the months that I was doing it I wanted to work out. But then it became too much and I stopped and had no real desire to start back up. What I like about BAM is that it isn’t as intense and even though I’m working out my abs or stretching out my hamstrings there’s a sense of calm and relaxation in it. I look forward to that 28 minutes a day to just give my mind a rest.

I’ve also learned to just listen to my body. I took a week off from exercising when I was sick last week and I didn’t stress about it. I knew that I would just start again the next week and redo the week I missed.


I’ve also found my 28 minutes of yoga 4 times a week (the other days are cardio or rest) to be really therapeutic. Like I mentioned above, it gives my mind a rest but it also helps me heal or let things out that are stressing me out and sometimes it helps me let out feelings I didn’t even know I had. Or more likely – that I was suppressing. Without getting in to too much detail, I’ve been dealing with a lot of anxiety in the past month or two for various reasons. But I try not to dwell on it and think about other things. Super healthy, I know. Anyway, one day a few weeks ago I was in the middle of my yoga session and I started tearing up and before I knew it I was bawling. I didn’t even have a real reason but I just had to let it all out. Once I stopped crying and had dried my eyes (and mat) I looked it up online. Is it common to randomly start crying during yoga? Am I just a crazy person? Apparently, it’s actually a thing and not uncommon at all. I might still be crazy, but at least I know that lots of other people cry during yoga too. I found this article (here) and it explained that it’s common for people to cry during their yoga practice. “When we move our bodies and breathe, it gives us an opportunity to work out that tension. As it releases, so too does the emotional story or baggage.” The writer of the article also said, “I know the next time I feel the tears coming in class, I’ll most likely let them flow and take Caplan’s advice. “The body just needs to release sometimes,” she says. “Allow it to happen and don’t make too much of a story. Let it be and trust it’s a positive thing.””

So here’s to the healing magic of yoga! I have one last exercise for the week to get done today. I plan to do it this afternoon or maybe this evening if I don’t get to during the day today. I don’t know when exactly, but I know it will get done and I look forward to that 28 minutes.

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