Green Lapel Coat + Snowflake Brooch
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Snowflake Brooch

For Christmas, I was really lucky to receive a bunch of gifts from students. Among my gifts were a few gift cards, a lot of chocolate, hand lotions, etc. I also received this snowflake brooch which I think is so pretty and since brooches are making a comeback I really loved the gift! I pinned it to my green lapel coat and wore it a few weekends ago with my white knit beanie.

Snowflake BroochSnowflake Brooch 1Green Lapel Coat + Snowflake BroochGreen Lapel Coat + Snowflake Brooch 1Green Lapel Coat + Snowflake Brooch 2Green Lapel Coat + Snowflake Brooch 3Green Lapel Coat + Snowflake Brooch 4Green Lapel Coat + Snowflake Brooch 5Green Lapel Coat + Snowflake Brooch 6Green Lapel Coat + Snowflake Brooch 7

Coat: Goodnight Macaroon | Beanie: Gap

I don’t remember the brand of the brooch, but I think the box was Liz Claiborne which is usually sold at Macy’s.

I think the snowflake would look great on most winter outerwear, but I love the way it pops against the green especially. The knit beanie was the perfect touch to finish off this winter look.

Today is supposed to be warmer. Here’s hoping! Because if it’s going to be this cold, I need snow and that hasn’t happened since that fluke snowstorm back in the fall.

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