Blue Wubby Pullover
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Blue Wubby Pullover

Happy President’s Day! I hope all my readers in the US are able to enjoy the day off today. I’m really happy to have a 3 day weekend. I haven’t been feeling 100% the past 2 days so I’m taking advantage of this long weekend to take a beat and recharge (hopefuly).

On my recharging Sunday, I wore this cozy blue wubby pullover. What is wubby? It’s a cozy, fuzzy fleece and when I looked it up Joann’s Fabrics literally describes it as wrapping yourself in a cloud. This wubby pullover has a hood and kangaroo pocket. The back is slightly longer than the front so it’s perfect to wear with leggings.

Blue Wubby Pullover 1Blue Wubby Pullover 2Blue Wubby Pullover 3Blue Wubby Pullover 4Blue Wubby Pullover 5Blue Wubby Pullover 6Blue Wubby Pullover 7Blue Wubby Pullover 8Blue Wubby Pullover 9Blue Wubby Pullover 10Blue Wubby Pullover

Pullover: Red Dress Boutique | Leggings: LC Lauren Conrad via Kohl’s | Boots: UGG

What I love about this sweater, aside from the fact that it’s so fuzzy and soft, is that the inside is mesh lined. At first, I wished it was fuzzy on the inside too for ultimate coziness but actually I like that it’s not because then I think it would be too hot and I was warm enough with the way it is. One thing I wish was different about this hoodie is if the drawstring for the hood was easier to tighten/loosen. It was a little tight at times and I felt like the neck opening was strangling me, but I just keep pulling on it and stretching it out throughout the day and it stopped bothering me.

I wore the wubby pullover with space dye leggings and UGG boots to continue on with the comfy look.

Have you jumped on the wubby pullover train?

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