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San Francisco Eats

Now that I’ve wrapped up my recaps of each of my days on vacation in San Francisco, I’m sharing what I ate on my trip! I didn’t take photos of every single meal because things like breakfast and snacks get repetitive. Below you’ll see the breakdown by day and meal and I’ll link to the restaurant if I can!



We arrived in time for dinner on Tuesday and went to Tratto for dinner. It didn’t look too crowded inside and the menu looked good. The hostess said it would be a 3 hour wait without a reservation! But we were able to sit at the high top tables without waiting so we did that.

We got the Fritto Misto to share as an appetizer and I ordered the Gnocchi with Braised Beef. We also ordered a Margherita Pizza. It was all really good especially because we were starving! I’m usually very picky about gnocchi and I enjoyed this one.

Tratto - Fritto MistoTratto - Braised Beef & GnocchiTratto - Margherita Pizza



We walked over to the Embarcadero for breakfast and ate at Boudin . I  got a breakfast sandwich on sourdough. Sourdough and seafood are two of the main things you’ll see in San Francisco!

Boudin - Breakfast Sandwich


There wasn’t time for a proper lunch on this day because we went from Angel Island to Alcatraz and I didn’t feel like having any of the snack bar food from the ferry. So while waiting for the ferry to take us to Alcatraz from Angel Island I ate my lemon poppy muffin I bought that morning at Boudin. It was delicious!

Boudin - Lemon Poppy Muffin


For dinner that night we went to Fisherman’s Wharf and ate at Fog Harbor Fish HouseI got the Shrimp Cocktail for an appetizer and the Ahi Tuna for my meal. They were both so good! The ahi tuna was seared and sat on a bed of jasmine rice and roasted vegetables. I ate the entire thing.

Oh! But before dinner while walking around the wharf, we stopped at Biscoff and I got a hot chocolate with a complimentary cookie.

Biscoff - Fisherman's Wharf

Fog Harbor - Shrimp CocktailFog Harbor - Ahi Tuna


We had to be up really early this morning for our day trip to Yosemite. I grabbed an Everything Bagel with cream cheese and an orange juice from Herb n’ Kitchen   in the lobby of my hotel. On the road I grabbed a chocolate frosted donut from a supermarket (but I forgot to upload that photo). At lunch at Yosemite we ate at the Base Camp Eatery which was pretty high-tech with digital ordering and a Starbucks considering we were at a national park! They are environmentally friendly though with using plastic trays and limited paper/plastic. I got chicken tenders there. For dinner we stopped at a rest stop and I just got Burger King so not picture worthy.

Herb n Kitchen - Everthing BagelYosemite - Base Camp Eatery - Chicken Tenders



After wandering for a while in the Ferry Building deciding what we wanted for breakfast my cousins and I ended up getting empanadas from El Porteno. They make them right there in the oven and they were insanely good. I got a spinach and bacon one and a vegetable one. Both were good, but the spinach and bacon was the best. It was so good that we did go back another day for a snack and my cousin bought a bunch for the plane ride home.

El Porteno - EmpanadaEl Porteno - Empanada 1El Porteno - Empanada 2El Porteno - Empanada 3


For lunch we were in Sausalito and went to Seafood PeddlerThis was recommended to us by the guy who sold us our ferry tickets to Sausalito and it was just okay for me. Some of my family really liked their meal like the fish and chips and seafood risotto, but my Dungeness Crab Roll was just okay. It was kind of watery and didn’t have a lot of taste.

Seafood Peddler - Dungeness Crab Roll


For dinner we went to Chinatown and ate at Great Eastern. We ordered Peking Duck, Mongolian Beef, among other dishes.

Great Eastern



For breakfast on Saturday I just grabbed another breakfast sandwich in the hotel because we had an early start to head to Monterey. We stopped on the road and I got some chips or something – I can’t remember – but when we got to Monterey we ate lunch at The Fish Hopper . My lunch was much better this day. I got the clam chowder (there’s also the option to get it in a bread bowl but I thought that would be too filling for me) and the Ahi Tuna Poké that was a special that day.

Fish Hopper - Clam ChowderFish Hopper - Ahi Tuna Poke

Before leaving Monterey to head on the 17-Mile-Drive I got some ice cream at Dippin’ Dots, but we’ve all seen that before so no need to share a photo!

When we got back to San Francisco that night we ate at Oma Sushi across from the hotel. We shared some appetizers like the fried gyozo, seaweed salad, and edamame. I ordered 2 rolls for my meal and was stuffed at the end of the meal.

Oma Sushi - appetizersOma Sushi - Sushi Rolls


Sunday was our last day in San Francisco as our flight the next day was in the morning. After our early morning cable car ride and walking down Lombard St. we found a neighborhood place for breakfast and it was a great find! At The Fueling Station, I had the most delicious hot chocolate and a waffle with strawberries and whipped cream. Not only was my waffle delicious, but it was the perfect size! It was just a simple rectangular waffle, not a stack or some large plate that I could not finish.

Fueling Station - Strawberry Waffle + Hot chocolate

I didn’t have a real lunch that day, just some snacks by the Golden Gate Bridge and then another empanada at the Ferry Building later on.


Dinner was amazing and there wasn’t a bad dish we ordered. We decided to order a few appetizers and entrees to all share for dinner at La Mar a Peruvian seafood restaurant.

I got the Pina Punch for a drink which is a mix of pineapple, lemon, orange juice, pineapple juice, and mint. Tangy and a little sour, but refreshing. We were also given taro chips with a dipping sauce.

For appetizers we ordered two types of Causa which are whipped potatoes with toppings. We got the Limena which is the potato topped with dungeness crab and the Nikkei which is topped with ahi tuna tartar. Another seafood appetizer we ordered was California Cebiche which is the Cebiche with Tombo Tuna. The last seafood appetizer we ordered was the Pulpo under the Anticuchos which was the octopus. For a meat appetizer we got the Carne which is flat iron steak.

From the entrees we ordered the Lomo Saltado which is Peruvian style beef tenderloin and the Arroz La Mar which is sort of like paella with arborio rice and seafood.

La Mar - Pina PunchLa Mar - Taro ChipsLa Mar - LimenaLa Mar - NikkeiLa Mar - appetizersLa Mar - PulpoLa Mar - Carne

La Mar - Arroz La MarLa Mar - Lomo Saltado

Everything at La Mar was extremely good and delicious. Like I said we didn’t regret any of the dishes.

The next morning we left early for the airport so I just grabbed another bagel for breakfast.

And that’s pretty much all the food I ate on the trip! My meals at Fog Harbor Fish House and La Mar were definitely my favorites! Oh and an honorable mention to the empanadas at the Ferry Building!

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