Floral Tie Back Wrap Blouse
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Tie-Back Wrap Blouse

Before I get started with today’s post, I’m sharing a little life update. Tonight is my last night in my place and it feels so weird. I have been slowly packing up my stuff for the past few days, but I think it’s just now really hitting me that I’m for real moving out and not going to be sleeping here any more, cooking in the kitchen, watching tv on the couch  here etc. It’s a long story that I’m not going to get in to right now about why I’m moving, but in any case it’s such a weird feeling. I’ll be moving back to my parents’ house for a few weeks until my new condo is ready. I close on it next week and then there’s some work I’m planning to have done to the place so I probably won’t be moving in until the end of September at the earliest. So I am moving my clothes and some of my other belongings back to my parents’ house for now and leaving my furniture that I’m taking with me (bedroom furniture, a desk, maybe the buffet table, and some kitchen things) until I’m ready to move in to my place. I can leave it here for now since my brother is staying at the townhouse so I’ll just move it when I’m ready. Anyway, I promise to take you along with me on the moving in/decorating/renovation process!

On to the point of this post. I write a lot about clothes/styles I like and sometimes ones I really love. This top is one I really love. First, it has the sweetest floral print. Second, it has the prettiest wrap detail. It has the wrap style in the front with a little clasp to stay closed. In the back it has an overlapping detail with an opening for the lower half of the back and then ties. It is so pretty!

I wore it here with a lace bralette and distressed/busted knee jeans. I wore it to work the other day with a camisole on underneath so I would be showing less skin and regular jeans.

Floral Tie Back Wrap BlouseFloral Tie Back Wrap Blouse 1Floral Tie Back Wrap Blouse 2Floral Tie Back Wrap Blouse 3Floral Tie Back Wrap Blouse 4Floral Tie Back Wrap Blouse 5Floral Tie Back Wrap Blouse 6Floral Tie Back Wrap Blouse 7Floral Tie Back Wrap Blouse 8Floral Tie Back Wrap Blouse 9Floral Tie Back Wrap Blouse 10Floral Tie Back Wrap Blouse 11Floral Tie Back Wrap Blouse 12Floral Tie Back Wrap Blouse 13Floral Tie Back Wrap Blouse 14Floral Tie Back Wrap Blouse 15Floral Tie Back Wrap Blouse 16Floral Tie Back Wrap Blouse 17Floral Tie Back Wrap Blouse 18Floral Tie Back Wrap Blouse 19Floral Tie Back Wrap Blouse 20Floral Tie Back Wrap Blouse 21

Top: Abercrombie & Fitch (here) | Jeans: Abercrombie & Fitch (here) | Bralette: Vici | Sandals: Vici | Bracelet: Pandora (here) – (charm – here)

I love this whole look. From the floral print to the lace bralette in the back and the tie too! I’m really loving it with the busted knee jeans too. The print may be summer-y, but pairing it with busted knee jeans helps transition this to those late-summer/early fall days.

This exact top isn’t available anymore – probably because of the summer print – but the same style blouse is available in 3 more fall-appropriate colors. I especially love the yellow dot one! And Abercrombie is having a 50% off sale site-wide for Labor Day Weekend so grab it while it’s on sale before it’s gone!

Shop my outfit in the carousel below!

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