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    November 2017 Favorites

    November seems to have gone by in a flash and we’re truly into the last legs of 2017. Crazy! I have a handful of favorites from this month so let’s get right to them. I have 2 TV shows from this month that I wanted to include in my favorites because I’ve been really enjoying them. First, I’m loving the Will & Grace Revival. It’s still funny and I love that their jokes are always current and relevant. The other show I’ve been loving is new this season – The Good Doctor. Have you watched it? It’s based on a Korean show and it’s about a medical resident, Shaun Murphy, who is…

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    September 2017 Favorites

    And just like that it’s the last day of September! Where does the time go? I’ve been back to work for a few weeks now and it’s been tiring and chaotic, but I’m starting to get a routine down. Hopefully October will only get better. But with the end of another month, I’ve got some favorites to share. Back in the summer I bought 2 new pajamas from ASOS. I’ve been wearing them both in August and September and loving them. The first one is a pink & blue trim onesie with a unicorn patch. It’s super soft, comfy, and cute. The only thing that’s annoying, as with all onesies, is…

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    Emmy Red Carpet 2017

    Did you watch last night’s Emmy Awards? I thought Stephen Colbert was really funny and did a great job! With the awards show I’m back with the looks I loved from the red carpet. As always, these are just my favorites looks based on what I saw so there may have been other amazing looks that I didn’t come across. I picked 12 looks that I really loved so let’s get started in no particular order. Kiernan Shipka looked gorgeous in this ethereal gown with rhinestone detailing. It was the perfect style for her figure and age appropriate for her. I loved Julianne Hough’s Marchesa gown with the asymmetrical straps and cutout…

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    Game of Thrones Season 7

    This post will contain spoilers so if you haven’t watched season 7 of Game of Thrones yet or haven’t gotten to the finale and you don’t want to know what happens then stop reading! So what did you think of the latest season of Game of Thrones? It definitely felt like we’re heading towards the direction of the end (which we are) with the reunion of the Stark children and people who have spent the past 6 seasons far, far away from each other. I mean, the season finale saw Cersei, Dany, and Jon Snow all in one place! Or just look at this picture. Each of these men has such a…

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    June 2017 Favorites

    June is over already?! I’m always in disbelief at how quickly the months go by, but knowing that we’re more than halfway through 2017 already is mind boggling. As always I’m sharing some things I loved this month. I have two snacks that I loved (and still am loving) in June. First, I’ve been loving veggie straws because they are the perfect snack! I love the subtle flavor and the crunch. They’re used to snack on when you’re on the go or just watching tv. Lately, I’ve been so busy that sometimes I’ll be a little hungry before leaving the house and I’ll just put a handful of these veggie straws…

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    Red Nose Day – Love Actually Sequel

    Did you watch the Red Nose Day special on TV the other night? During the broadcast they played the much hyped about Love Actually sequel. Not really a proper sequel, it’s just a short that gives you a glimpse into what the characters are up to today. I absolutely love Love Actually so when I heard they were doing a sort of sequel for Red Nose Day, I was really excited. I recorded the special and just got around to watching it yesterday. I thought they would play the whole short at once during the broadcast but instead they played little clips at a time spread out through the hour. Because they…

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    Dirty Dancing – Remake

    If you are on social media, especially Twitter, then I’m sure you heard lots of opinions on the made for tv remake of the iconic movie Dirty Dancing. And if you saw the remake yourself you probably have some strong opinions. I was really looking forward to watching this because I’ve loved Dirty Dancing since I was a kid. Even when I was really young and I didn’t really understand the whole movie, I still loved all the dancing and I could tell it was a love story. Looking back on it, Dirty Dancing has had an effect on my life in more ways than one. It helped foster my love for dance. I’ve…

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    What I’m Watching – Spring

    I know it was not that long ago that I did a “What I’m Watching” post. My last one was just over a month ago. But since that post went up I watched (and finished watching) a few other shows and I wanted to talk about them now rather than waiting til later. Victoria –  I wrote a whole post about this show and how much I loved it! I watched the whole season on Masterpiece on PBS last month and was hooked. It follows Queen Victoria beginning from when she first becomes queen, learns what it means to be queen, falls in love with Albert, etc. 2. Homeland – Homeland‘s…

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    Grimm – Series Finale

    Any Grimm fans out there? The show had its series finale this past Friday and you can bet I watched it. I have been a big fan of the show since it premiered 6 years ago and didn’t want it to end. I’ve mentioned Grimm before on here like (here) and in some other favorites posts. If you’ve never watched it before you might like it if you like supernatural, mystery, action type shows. And if you you haven’t watched it before and you don’t know what it’s about let me give you a quick synopsis. Nick Burkhardt is a detective for the Portland police when mysterious things start to happen…

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    March 2017 Favorites

    Happy April! That’s right, somehow it’s already April and I’m still double-checking that I write down 2017 when I write the date. So with the end of a month and the beginning of another I’m back with my March favorites. My favorites for March are a little all over the place, but I guess it’s symbolic of how crazy and all over the place the month seemed to be for me. Without further ado, let’s get to it! Earlier in March I was sick with a really bad stomach bug. I don’t get sick often and when I am sick with things like bad colds etc, I’m usually a trooper about…