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Yea or Nay: Vertical Ruffled Shirt

How was everyone’s Monday? Mondays usually are the worst day of the week for many people, but today was especially painful for me since it was my first day back to work after spring break. The day didn’t go by too slowly surprisingly, but then I had a faculty meeting after work which was made better as soon as I saw that there were cookies. That’s normal right?

Anyway, my newest addition to my Yea or Nay series is vertical ruffles on shirts. I have a couple of tops with ruffles but they’re all horizontal or on an angle and usually tiered layers. Vertical ruffles are not as commonly seen, but I still love them all the same. Once when wedding dress shopping with my friend I saw a beautiful wedding ball gown where the skirt was all vertical ruffles and thought that was my dream dress….but that’s neither here nor there.

Pants: LOFT
Watch: Anne Klein

I wore this top to work before spring break. Depending on the lighting (and the flash on my camera) the color comes off differently, but it is a forest green color with little black polka dots and buttons down the center of the ruffles. The top combines so many of my favorite things: green, polka dots, and ruffles!

What are your thoughts on vertical ruffles?

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