Embroidered Romper

As you guys know, I’m a romper lover. With the summer weather days numbered, I need to fit in as many romper days and other summery outfits in as possible. Seeing as the next week is still going to be hot, I think I’m safe for a while longer.

The romper I’m sharing with you today is different than any other than I have, but still just as cute and comfortable.




Romper: Aerie
Bralette: Aerie

So why is this romper different? This one’s a bit different than the typical ones because the straps are tie straps and not faux ones. The long straps feed through a loop in the front and I just knotted it around itself.

I love the navy blue color and the colorful embroidered trims. It has a very slinky, boho feel to it so I felt it paired perfectly with my racerback lace bralette. It paired wonderfully especially since it’s loose fitting and has low sides so you want to wear something like a bralette which is meant to be seen. I really love the way it looks in the back peeking out from the romper.

Let’s see how many more summer outfits I can pack in! I’m definitely going to take advantage of the warm weather before it’s officially sweater weather!


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