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Maxi Dress & Rose Gold Accents

It’s getting chillier here in the mornings when I go to work, but by the time I leave work it’s still very hot out so the key has been layering. Bringing a sweater or cardigan for the morning that can easily be peeled off for the afternoon has been essential.

I intend to wear dresses to work for as long as the nice weather holds out. Of course, I can wear dresses in the winter, but I tend to wear dresses on rare occasions to work in the winter because it’s just so cold! Last week I wore this maxi dress to work and decided to pair it with rose gold jewelry — my rose gold Michael Kors watch and my Stephanie Martin Co. bracelet I got in my September Aster Market Box. It has copper glass beads, but I feel like copper and rose gold are so closely related especially when this copper bracelet has rosier tones.




Dress: Victoria’s Secret

So what I love about this maxi dress and mixed media pieces is that they look like two pieces, but it’s just one piece. I don’t know about you, but I find it annoying at times when I have a top tucked into a skirt. I feel like I’m constantly tugging and tucking. Is my skirt crooked? Is it tucked too far in or not enough? But this takes all the guesswork out and is an easy peasy one piece! I have anotherΒ Victoria’s Secret one like this in a different color that I wrote about last summer.

And as I said earlier in the post, I finished off the look with my rose gold jewelry and brown wedge sandals and a white short sleeve cardigan (which I did not mention earlier). I feel the rose gold jewelry helped bring out the peachy flowers in the skirt. Much more so than if I wore silver or yellow gold.

Enjoy the rest of your Wednesday!

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