Pop of Passion Blush Balm

I have always been a powder blush wearer much preferring it over cream blushes. In fact I think I’ve mentioned it on here before that while I’ve tried cream blushes before they just weren’t my thing. Well all that has changed now that I’ve tried BareMinerals’ Pop of Passion Blush Balm .

Pop of Passion - Blush Balm 1
Pop of Passion - Blush Balm

The product’s description states:

Give cheeks the look of pure passion. This blush balm has a lightweight texture and weightless, buildable color for effortlessly smooth, even application. Melt-in moisture provides hydration while passion fruit seed oil with vitamin E helps nourish. You’ll be left with a gorgeous, glowing finish and a comfortable color-stain.

BareMinerals offers 3 shades and I picked up “Posy Passion”. It definitely lives up to its claim of being lightweight and buildable. It looks very natural on the cheeks and is so easy to use!

I swirl my finger in the product, swipe it on my cheeks, and buff it in with a brush onto my cheeks. I’m sure you could blend it in with your fingers, but I prefer using a brush.

This product has converted me to a cream blush user. I won’t say it’s converted me to a lover because it hasn’t replaced my beloved powder products, but it’s a step!

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