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Asymmetrical Fringed Cardigan

I love cardigans. I love fringe. I love…well, I don’t love asymmetrical items but I don’t hate them. Let’s say, I like some asymmetrical pieces such as this American Eagle  Asymmetrical Fringed Cardigan that I wore a few weeks ago.

Asymmetrical Fringed Cardigan
Asymmetrical Fringed Cardigan 1
Asymmetrical Fringed Cardigan 2
Asymmetrical Fringed Cardigan 3

The print is somewhat of a mix of aztec and geometric and I really enjoy the color scheme. A nice, wearable beige, white and black for casual wear. As you can sort of see in the last photo, the cardigan gradually gets longer from the back, forward. The back of the cardigan hits around the hip. I didn’t get a good picture of the back of the cardigan, unfortunately. I was having a battle with my iron that day so the pictures I have of the back involve a few prominent wrinkles #firstworldproblems.

I paired the cardigan with a bright pink tank for a pop of color to really brighten up the look. Definitely a nice and cozy casual look for a chilly, winter day!

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