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Bright Embroidered Romper

It’s the middle of the week and I’m exhausted! I have to stay at work late today too for Back to School Night. Hopefully the day goes by quickly. But in the meantime, to wake me up and brighten up my day I’m talking about this bright colored romper I wore a few weeks ago. It’s a bright orange-y, coral-y, salmon- y (apparently when I don’t know the exact color shade of something I put together whatever colors it does remind me of and add an -y to it) romper with an exposed gold zipper in the back. You know I love exposed zippers. What makes this bright romper even better is the embroidered floral design. It’s not often we see embroidery as opposed to print on fabrics these days as I’m sure it costs more to make and is more time consuming.


Romper: Target | Sandals: Target | Sunglasses: Ray-Ban | Purse: Michael Kors

The floral design on the hem of the shorts and the sides of the romper really make the whole look. The colors in the embroidery go perfectly with the base color of the romper and the indigo color really makes the whole detailing pop.

We may be into mid-September, but the weather is still very warm here so don’t expect my fall looks to be rolling out just yet. Plus, I still have more looks that have already been shot to show off!

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