Curved Hem Cable Knit

Back to a cold snap this week and a blizzard on the way! So the sweaters are back in full force this week. My favorite kind of sweater is cable knit and I love that there are so many different looks to cable knit. Design and detail varies, width of the cable knit braids are all different, and more. As I have a handful of these beloved knit sweaters, I’m always looking for ones that are a bit different. When I saw this v-neck cable knit sweater with a curved hem, I knew I found something different.

Curved Hem Cable Knit
Curved Hem Cable Knit 1
Curved Hem Cable Knit 2

This Sonoma Goods For Life blue sweater is lightweight, soft, and really lovely. The only thing that would make me like this sweater more is if it was a round neckline rather than a v-neck. I think it would be a more well-rounded (no pun intended) look rather than the contrasting look of a v-neck and curved hem. The curved hem is definitely my favorite part of the sweater though!

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