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I have had real henna done twice before – both times for my friends’ weddings. I think it’s so fun and I’m always in awe of how quickly they create such a creative and intricate design. When Earth Henna reached out to me and asked if I’d like to try their at-home henna kits, I had to try them out! I chose 2 kits – the classic kit and the white lace kit.

Earth Henna KitsEarth Henna - White Lace Kit
Earth Henna - Classic Kit

The white lace kit really intrigued me because I had never seen white henna before. Since it was different than regular, traditional henna I decided to try that kit out last week and that’s what I’m showing off today! First off, I have to share something my friend and I found hilarious. I had to have my best friend help me out with this because although this is an at-home kit and touted as being very easy, I knew I would make a mess if I tried to draw on my own hand! She had never seen white henna either so as we were going through the kit and reading directions, I looked at the information about white henna. There was an actual section in the pamphlet that said “What is white henna? There is no such thing as white henna.” That had us cracking up!

Anyway, white lace henna is basically a glue based substance that you use to draw on your hands and then you can either cover it in corn starch or glitter. We, of course, opted for glitter!

Earth Henna Kit
Earth Henna - White Lace 1

My friend did a great job of designing my white lace henna on my hand! We looked at the design ideas and kind of put together pieces of different designs that looked easy enough to copy. After it dried for 10 minutes, we sprinkled the glitter over my hand and brushed off the excess. It kind of reminded me of sand art!

Earth Henna - White Lace 2
Earth Henna - White Lace 3
Earth Henna - White Lace 4
Earth Henna - White Lace 5
Earth Henna - White Lace 6
Earth Henna - White Lace 7

It came out really pretty, but the glitter design is not very practical as you get glitter everywhere. It also does not last long at all as it started peeling off my hand later that afternoon, so I think that this white lace glitter design is good for dressing up for an event or dinner but don’t expect it to last long. If you want something that will last longer I would opt for the cornstarch rather than the glitter or even the classic henna kit which is supposed to last around a week.

This was a fun little craft for my friend and I to do though and I think it turned out really pretty!

If you’re interested in ordering your own kit(s) you can use code HENNA15 for 15% off on their website (linked above)!

*I received these products complimentary but all opinions are my own.*

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