Floral Camo Cold Shoulder
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Floral Camo Cold Shoulder

Happy Saturday! I have 1 full week of work left and then a few half days and then it’s time for summer break! The school year feels like it went by pretty quickly but at the same time I am so ready for a break – I’m so tired and burnt out so it’s definitely time for a break.

The look I’m sharing today is one I wore two weekends ago. Camo print regained popularity last year and I think we’ll still see it quite a bit this year. I love when traditional prints are given a twist and this camo top has cold shoulders and floral detailing. This top is a size bigger than I normally wear, but it was the only size left and I really wanted it so I decided to wear it as an oversized top. I wore it with cropped black leggings.

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Top: Francesca’s | Leggings: LC Lauren Conrad via Kohl’s

So funny story about this top. I’m not actually sure I paid for it. I didn’t steal it! What happened was I ordered it back in the fall during the black Friday sales. My order all arrived except for this top, but my email that informed me of the order shipping included the top as one of the items that had shipped out. I reached out to customer service and asked if they had forgotten to include it or if it had actually been sent separately. They contacted the warehouse and found out that the item was actually sold out and they forgot to inform me so they would reimburse me for that item. That was fine with me, but then a few weeks later the top arrived in my mail! So I’m not really sure if I paid for it or not because I’m pretty sure I did get reimbursed for it. Francesca’s customer service is so great and friendly, but they really need to work out the kinks in their warehouses. This wasn’t the first time they made a mistake with my order. One time I ordered one necklace and they sent me two!

But anyway, I love this cold shoulder top. The floral design incorporated in to the camo print is so pretty and I love the mix of the feminine florals with the traditionally masculine print.

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