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Open Stitch Sweaters: Yea or Nay?

Time for another addition of Yea or Nay! Today I’m here to ask your thoughts on open stitch sweaters. I love the look, but I find they can be hard to work with or find a good time to wear them at times. When it’s late summer/early fall like September or early October for example, it might still be warm out and you don’t want to wear a big sweater. The weather usually takes a turn for the cold pretty suddenly. For real, it always seems to take a drastic turn. One day you’re rocking thin blouses and the next you need to break out the Uggs. So one day you feel silly wearing a big open stitch sweater because it’s not really cool out yet and then the next it’s seriously cold out and an open stitch sweater is not going to cut it! I guess you can say I have a love/hate relationship with them.

A few days ago I had a love relationship with them.


Sweater: Old Navy
Top: Loft
Pants; Loft
Watch: Michael Kors


The sweater comes with a matching belt to cinch it closed by tying it, but I don’t really like wearing it because it makes me feel like my sweater has turned into a robe. This sweater is so comfy and one detail I love is the gold thread that goes through it.


I feel like the gold thread is a nice detail and gives the sweater a little something extra. It really makes me think of winter with it’s off-white color and the gold running through which gives it that really subtle sparkle.

So what do you guys think about open stitch sweaters?

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