Chili Pasta Bake

Thanksgiving is just a few days away now! Before we start to see tons of Thanksgiving food posts, I have another “regular” food post to share. Recently, I made a Chili Pasta Bake that I found on Pinterest. It brought me to the recipe – here. The recipe was easy to follow and I really stuck to it for this meal. The only thing I didn’t do was put sour cream and green onions on top for serving because I’m not a huge sour cream fan.

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This recipe uses shells and actually now that I think about it I did use more pasta than the recipe calls for. The recipe uses 1/2 pound of pasta and I used the rest of what was left in my box which was about 3/4 pound.



The Chili Pasta Bake was so flavorful and delicious. It reminded me a little bit of another dish I make – Mexican Stuffed Shells, which I will have to do a post on sometime in the future. It reminds me a little of that dish, but is different enough to continue making both. The only thing I would change for the future is the cooking time for the shells. I undercooked the shells on the stove because I knew they would be going into the oven and cooking further. However, the shells were still a little too soft so I would cook them for even less amount of time so that the pasta is even firmer before baking. I like my pasta al dente so that’s my preference. If you like softer pasta then you  might like cooking the pasta longer (or at least the recommended time) on the stove.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

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