Travel Day

Happy Easter! If you missed it, I’m currently in Georgia and will be heading to Orlando, Florida in a few hours. Yesterday was travel day 1. Here are some highlights!

Day 1

  • Woke up at 5am to shower, do last minute packing (toiletries, makeup etc) and head to the airport to catch my flight from NJ to GA. Below is what I wore on the plane. A hi-lo plaid top (Aeropostale), mint tank top (The Limited), jeans (Wallflower via Kohls) (which are supposed to be cropped jeans but I rolled them down so I wouldn’t be cold on the plane), sneakers (Nike) – because who has the room to pack sneakers, and a very light weight hooded fleece (Northface).


  • While waiting at the gate, I went over to the little kiosks to get a bottle of water and snack. Tell me why a bag of almonds costs $13 and a bag of Doritos costs $2.99. Obviously, the airport did not want me to pick the healthier snack. Pictured below is the small bag of almonds for $6.


  • Arrived in Georgia and got to my cousin’s house where we hung out and had lunch.
  • Met up with my oldest friend for coffee. Funnily enough, my friend and I used to live across the street from one another and she moved to GA in elementary school. We still saw each other at least twice a year since she had a lot of family still in NJ. I would also go down to visit her. When my cousin and her husband and kids moved from Canada to GA they moved to the same town/area!


  • Got changed to go out for dinner. The wind was blowing my hair all over the place as you can see in the picture. (Top: (gift), Tank top: The Limited, Jeans: Express, Sandals: Mia via DSW




  • Lastly, sat by the firepit for a bit in the area where the restaurant is.

Today will be a long day filled with Easter brunch and starting the drive down to Florida! Stay tuned for that recap tomorrow!



  1. ExpatAJ

    MMMM Doritos, I’m eating some right now. More expensive here in South Korea cos if you want the nice tasting US ones rather than the weird Korean ones you have to pay for the imported ones. 🙂 Worth every penny!

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