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Travel Day

Happy Easter! If you missed it, I’m currently in Georgia and will be heading to Orlando, Florida in a few hours. Yesterday was travel day 1. Here are some highlights!

Day 1

  • Woke up at 5am to shower, do last minute packing (toiletries, makeup etc) and head to the airport to catch my flight from NJ to GA. Below is what I wore on the plane. A hi-lo plaid top (Aeropostale), mint tank top (The Limited), jeans (Wallflower via Kohls) (which are supposed to be cropped jeans but I rolled them down so I wouldn’t be cold on the plane), sneakers (Nike) – because who has the room to pack sneakers, and a very light weight hooded fleece (Northface).


  • While waiting at the gate, I went over to the little kiosks to get a bottle of water and snack. Tell me why a bag of almonds costs $13 and a bag of Doritos costs $2.99. Obviously, the airport did not want me to pick the healthier snack. Pictured below is the small bag of almonds for $6.


  • Arrived in Georgia and got to my cousin’s house where we hung out and had lunch.
  • Met up with my oldest friend for coffee. Funnily enough, my friend and I used to live across the street from one another and she moved to GA in elementary school. We still saw each other at least twice a year since she had a lot of family still in NJ. I would also go down to visit her. When my cousin and her husband and kids moved from Canada to GA they moved to the same town/area!


  • Got changed to go out for dinner. The wind was blowing my hair all over the place as you can see in the picture. (Top: (gift), Tank top: The Limited, Jeans: Express, Sandals: Mia via DSW




  • Lastly, sat by the firepit for a bit in the area where the restaurant is.

Today will be a long day filled with Easter brunch and starting the drive down to Florida! Stay tuned for that recap tomorrow!

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