Striped Babydoll Dress
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Striped Babydoll Dress

Happy Father’s Day to any fathers who may be reading this! 

I’ve mentioned it in the past few posts, but in case you didn’t catch those I’m officially on summer break. The last day of school for the school year was on Friday and after my hosting duties at graduation that evening, I was officially done.

As the last day of school was, well, the last day but also on a Friday I was able to dress down. Dressing down at work (on a Friday) means that I can wear jeans as long as I wear my staff shirt. So, Thursday was my last day of wearing proper work attire until September. I chose to wear this striped babydoll dress from LC Lauren Conrad via Kohl’s.

Striped Babydoll Dress
Striped Babydoll Dress 1
Striped Babydoll Dress 2
Striped Babydoll Dress 3

Usually babydoll dresses that you see are a bit shorter than this one, but since it is longer it made it more work appropriate. I love the colors of the stripes in this dress. Muted summer colors at their best. The button placket breaks up the stripes and I like that they are dark grey to match the grey stripes.

The dress came with a cognac colored skinny belt that goes through loops around the elastic waist. I tried to wear it when I put the dress on, but it was so tight! The loosest notch on the belt was so far into the belt. I was able to get it through but it wasn’t very comfortable. Honestly, it felt like that belt was made for a real baby doll and not a babydoll dress for an adult. So, obviously I chose not to wear the belt. However, the elastic waist I think does a good enough job cinching the waist on its own to add a little shape to the dress.

This may be the last work outfit I wore this school year, but I do still have two more looks to share here. Those will be coming up in the next week or so!

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