Floral Fringed Kimono

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Floral Fringed Kimono

Combine the color teal, a floral print, and fringe – roll them all into one kimono and that’s basically how I was immediately sold on this kimono. The print is so pretty and the color combination works so well together.

Floral Fringed Kimono 1
Floral Fringed Kimono
Floral Fringed Kimono 2
Floral Fringed Kimono 3
Floral Fringed Kimono 4
Floral Fringed Kimono 5

Kimono: Just Lex Boutique | Romper: H&M

Fringe detailing is so fun and I love that the fringe here is a bit different than your normal style because it has a kind of net detail to it. I chose to pair this floral fringed kimono with a deeper colored romper. This maroon romper from H&M has a space-dye look to the material and is a nice, casual, soft cotton romper. I chose it for this look because it was a nice contrast against the teal and it helps to highlight the darker parts of the floral print.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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