Embroidered Tie Front Tee
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Embroidered Tie Front Tee

My first full week off from work for the summer is complete and it’s been so busy I feel like I’m not on break at all! But that’s ok, it’s been a good kind of busy. And so many things going on means I also have more to share on here, so it all works out.

The other day I wore this short sleeve tie front top with floral embroidery at the shoulders. I think the top is so cute so I had to share it on here! I wore it with navy blue shorts and blue and white striped slides with fringe detailing.

Embroidered Tie Front Tee 1Embroidered Tie Front Tee 2Embroidered Tie Front Tee 3Embroidered Tie Front Tee 4Embroidered Tie Front Tee 5Embroidered Tie Front Tee 6Embroidered Tie Front Tee 7Embroidered Tie Front Tee 8Embroidered Tie Front Tee 9Embroidered Tie Front Tee

Top: Target | Shorts: SO via Kohl’s | Shoes: Land’s End

The shirt is really great quality and decently thick as well. I didn’t have to wear a tank underneath since it was thick enough to not be see through.

The floral embroidery at the shoulders wraps around to the back of the shoulders, which I’m just realizing now I don’t have a photo of! The floral design is really pretty. I love the shades of pink in the design and it’s just a really sweet, delicate floral design.

Have a great Saturday! I’m off to a 1st birthday party in a little while!

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