Mini Pompom Trim Dress

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Mini Pompom Trim Dress

Good morning from Baltimore! My family and I went for a short overnight trip to visit and eat crabs – blue claw crabs are my fav! I’ll talk about my visit in a future post, but for today I’m throwing it back to last weekend when I went to my good friend’s daughter’s 1st birthday party. It was an outdoor/pool party so I wanted something comfortable to wear that was still cute and I could easily wear over my bathing suit if I chose to wear my bathing suit under my clothes for the drive home from Pennsylvania. I decided to wear this green dress with ruffles, a flounce skirt detail, and multicolor tiny pompoms around the trim of the neckline and straps. So pretty and fun! The dress also has an all-over french knot texture/detail.

Mini Pompom Trim Dress 10Mini Pompom Trim DressMini Pompom Trim Dress 1Mini Pompom Trim Dress 9Mini Pompom Trim Dress 8Mini Pompom Trim Dress 7Mini Pompom Trim Dress 6Mini Pompom Trim Dress 5Mini Pompom Trim Dress 4Mini Pompom Trim Dress 3Mini Pompom Trim Dress 2Mini Pompom Trim Dress 11Mini Pompom Trim Dress 12Mini Pompom Trim Dress 13

Dress: Francesca’s

So the lighting here makes me look super pale – and I’m a bit pale still this summer but not that pale! But I couldn’t fix the coloring in these photos on Photoshop without altering the photos completely and making them look weird so these will have to do. Just know that I’m not quite this ghostly looking in real life!

In any case, I love everything about this dress – the french knot detailing, the double ruffle on top, the adorable pompoms. Having the pompoms be so miniature really makes this dress so wearable. While I love pompoms, when they’re too oversized or statement-y they can be less wearable just because I feel like they draw too much attention to myself or are too in your face if you know what I mean.

This dress was perfect for a day out in the sun and celebrating!

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