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Verde Canyon

Today’s my last real day in Sedona; I fly back home tomorrow morning and I’m right back out on the road bright and early Saturday morning for an out-of-town (more like out of the country – I’m going to Canada) wedding. So today is all about relaxing and taking it easy, doing some last minute gift buying etc. But before I undoubtedly tell you all about that tomorrow, let me recap yesterday.

Yesterday, I went on a train ride through Verde Canyon via the Verde Canyon Railroad. The depot is in Clarkdale, which is about 45 minutes from Sedona. The quarter-mile long train takes you on a 40 mile (round trip) ride through Verde Canyon where you get to take in gorgeous views of the canyon and go through a lot of the land/areas that used to be for mining.



The train has a number of cars, some coach and some first class and inbetween each passenger car is an open air car which was great for a breeze and for picture-taking. The coach cars are regular passenger seats like in a commuter train. I got first-class tickets which offered more comfortable lounge-type seating. There were a variety of drinks available and a small buffet of cheese, chicken wings, veggies and dip, etc. I’m not sure what the offerings for coach were so I can’t speak to that. So prior to getting onto the train, I was waiting for a long time to board and it was so hot out. I had heard that the cars were not air conditioned, but instead just temperature controlled and that it would be just a bit cooler than outside. Not gonna lie, a part of me died inside because the heat was really getting to me for the first time all week! I couldn’t imagine being tortured in the heat of a train car for 4 hours! But, I’m happy to report that the rumors were false and the cars were in fact air conditioned and very comfortably cool! Crisis averted.


So armed with my trusty camera, a super cute romper (can you tell I’m all about fringe these days?), flip flops, and sunnies, I was ready to go.





DSCF1687 DSCF1688

Going in and coming out of a tunnel.



More fun facts!


The Sinagua Native Americans lived in these caves on the sides of the rocks/mountains.


They built these walls/crevices on the sides of the mountains to hide their food in case any invading tribes came.


Overall, the train ride was really relaxing and picturesque. I felt like the first half was amazing and parts of the second half got a little boring just because it was the same sites over again on the way back to the depot. Other than that, I thought it was something different to do and a great way to see some more of the land.

Here’s a bonus OOTD:

IMG_3560 IMG_3562

Action selfie ootd’s while walking!

What I’m Wearing:
Romper: Aerie

Tank Top: LOFT
Floral Shorts: American Rag via Macy’s

P.S. I’d like to add that as I write this (actually on Wednesday night) it’s pouring outside which is nice to fall asleep to now and also I’m happy for 2 reasons. 1) It waited until after I was in for the night to start raining. 2) I know Arizona is going through a years-long drought so I’m sure this rain is very welcome!

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