Cocoa Crinkle Cookies

Cocoa Crinkle Cookies

Who doesn’t love chocolate? I’m not a big sweets person, but chocolate I can do as long as it’s not super rich. Thankfully these scrumptious cocoa crinkle cookies aren’t too rich. My mom and I have been making these for a year or two now and they’re so good! We follow the Hershey’s recipe (here) but just cut down on the sugar – instead of 2 cups we use 1 1/2. While this recipe is pretty easy to follow and the cookies aren’t hard to make, it’s important to note that they are not quick cookies. The batter has to be refrigerated for at least 6 hours. It’s a good idea to make the batter the night before.

First, you take the sugar, oil, and cocoa and combine them. Then gradually beat in eggs and vanilla. Cover and refrigerate for at least 6 hours. After taking the batter out of the fridge, scoop out some of the dough – it will look like a fudge ball – and roll it into a ball, approximately an inch big. I like to use a melon scooper for this. Next, roll it in powdered sugar. You can place the balls on a greased baking sheet or parchment paper. I like using parchment paper. Bake at 350 for 11-13 minutes. And voila! You’ll be left with delicious crinkle cookies. While baking, the cookies will flatten out and crack leaving a really cool appearance with the cracks and powder sugar.

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The cookies are so good and even better with a glass of milk. They are lightweight and a little cake-y but not too heavy or rich. Just perfect! I think the cracked look with the powered sugar is really cool and people who don’t know how to make crinkle cookies will be impressed with how the cookies look!

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